Forestry Pusdiklat to Officialy Announced Decision Letter (SK) about Curriculum and Syllabys Conflicts Mapping Education and Training

Forestry tenure problems still occured in Indonesia forest management and admitted as one of the obstacle to create sustainable forest management. It is absolutely needs particular notice and proper treatment for sure. Conflicts that occured because of tenure problems needed to be solve in justice ways by put huge attention from related stake holders objectives. Therefore, it needs competences of related parties, particularly from human resources matter.

 Working Group on Forest Land Tenure in cooperation with various party supported capacity empowerment of related parties to do conflicts mapping so it would be guidelines of conflict resoultions.  As competences empowerment of stake holders regarding conflicts mapping, it needs proper curriculum and syllabus to support “Conflicts Mapping Education and Training”, so it would be competences standard of aims that have been gained. Forestry Education and Training Center on 14 February 2014 published Decision Letter (SK) Number: SK. 35/ Dik-2/ 2014 about Curriculum and Syllabus Conflicts Mapping Education and Training.

Decision Letter (SK) could be downloaded here