WG-Tenure Mandate and Strategic Role

Since it was first established, WG-Tenure is mandated by its founders to :

  1. Inventory of land conflict in forest areas
  2. Identify pattern of land conflict in forest areas
  3. Identify patterns of forest-land conflict resolution
  4. Recommend pattern, methodology, and instrument of forest-land conflict resolution
  5. Share the learning process to all stakeholders

Meanwhile, WG-Tenure’s strategic roles which had been decided on member’s meeting in 2001 are :

  1. Bridging communication between Local Government and Forestry Ministry related to forest-land tenure conflict resolution
  2. Facilitating conflict resolution with partners
  3. Sharing all kinds of learning results related to land tenure cases; writings/policy analysis and WG-Tenure publication (Warta Tenure, Books,    website);
  4. Organizing workshop/assistance usage of tenure analysis instrument