Workshop: “Building Integrative Conflict Management Mechanisms of Land and Management of Natural Resources in Berau”

Tanjung Redeb | It was realized that conflict (potential conflicts) of land and natural resources management is still rife in Indonesia. Various initiatives on handling the conflict have been made by various parties, both national and sub-national. WG-Tenure in collaboration with GIZ FGP-FORCLIME have conducted several policy studies and institutional conflict resolution, at the same time doing facilitation of forest management in the concession area of PT. INHUTANI I in KPHP Berau Barat.

Based on studies and lessons learned from the process of facilitating conflict resolution, as well as discussions/consultations with relevant stakeholders about the importance of establishing and developing intergratif mechanisms for dealing with conflict, it is necessary to plan and interconnected between sectors and between the parties. Departing from the experience, is a requirement to sit down with the stakeholders to discuss intensively on institutional design and development roadmap of integrated mechanisms of conflict resolution. WG Tenure in cooperation with KPHP Berau Barat and supported by GIZ FORCLIME held multistakeholder workshop on August 31, 2016.

This workshop discusses the institutional design and development roadmap mechanisms which integrates conflict resolution on land and natural resources management in Kapuas Hulu District. Participants who attended namely Regional Secretary (SEKDA) of Berau District, Social Forestry and Environment Unit of MOEF, Foresty Agency, BAPPEDA, Mine and Energy Agency, Plantation Agency, KPHP Berau Barat, Head of Segah Sub District, PT. INHUTANI I, PT. Sumalindo, PT. Berau Coal, FORCLIME TC, FC FORCLIME, TNC, MENAPAK, REDD Working Group, representatives of Tumbit Dayak village, representatives of Gunung Sari village and representatives of Batu Rajang village. The workshop was opened by SEKDA Berau and closed by the head of KPHP Berau Barat representing Berau District Forestry Agency.

Some things are recorded of the workshop include:

  • The need for the establishment of unit / desk conflict resolution at the district level.
  • Increasing the capacity of stakeholders in conflict resolution, synergies between stakeholders in resolving the conflict at the District level, reaching socialization of conflict resolution if the unit was formed, assist district priority programs in conflict resolution (the issue of village boundaries) and the scope of conflict management need to restrictions / phasing.
  • In handling “complex / cross-sector / heavy” case to be a priority of conflict resolution unit. While cases of “simple / light” remains the duty of the District institutions.
  • Regarding the scope/scope cases/issues to be addressed/resolved by a conflict resolution unit is the management of natural resources and support the completion target village boundaries.
  • Regarding the location/position of conflict resolution unit still needs to be consulted/requested guidance to the regional leaders on the grounds, with reason of transition/ changes in the organizational structure of the area. Changes in the structure of the new area can be ascertained after the September / October 2016.
  • For budget in supporting the process of preparation and execution of the work unit is expected sourced from the budget resolution, third-party funds and business communities / company.
  • Legality of conflict resolution can be shaped as Bupati Decree.

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