Tenurial Conflicts on Forest Management Unit (FMU) Development Lessons learned from Rapid Assessment on Production Forest Management Unit (FMU) in Berau Barat and Kapuas Hulu 2015

Tenurial issues have to be resolved in managing forest area in Indonesia. Often, if not always, conflict occurred due to tenurial issues. Since its establishment in 2001, Working Group on Forest Land Tenure (WG-Tenure) has focused to work on tenure issues in particular to support tenure certainty of indigenous people, local community and other stakeholders that sustain forest ecosystem services and at the same time support the sustainability of forestry sector development.

The policy behind FMU establishment by Ministry of Forestry was issued in 2009 and afterwards Tenure Working Group has been working to mainstream tenurial issues as the crucial aspect in FMU development and management. Several activities have been conducted including training on conflict mapping training and rapid land tenure assessment in several FMUs. This rapid assessment was aimed at mapping land tenure issues in FMU of Kapuas Hulu and Berau Barat as well as to be used as supporting material in FMU management plan and facilitate tenurial conflict resolution.

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