WG-Tenure Facilitating the Conflict Mapping Training Program from GIZ-Bioclime

WG-T | Bogor – Working Group on Forest Land Tenure (WG-Tenure) facilitating the enforcement of Conflict Mapping Training Program from GIZ-Bioclime that held on 24-29 November 2014 at the Forestry Training Center in Bogor.

This is the twelfth Conflict Mapping Training Program that organized by WG-Tenure. Like the previous training program, it adopted the curriculum and syllabus that issued by the Forestry Training Center. Analytical methods that are used by this program, including: Forest Resources Conflict Management, Forestry Policies related to Tenurial, Social Analysis, Rapid Land Tenure Assesment (RaTA), Management of Data Conflicts using Huma-win application, Analysis on Legal Dispute Force (AGATA), and Gender Analysis in Forestry Resources Conflict Management.

Diklat Pemetaan Konflik ke-12
The 12th Training Course on Conflict Mapping

The training program devided into 2 sessions, theoretical class session that is given in the Forestry Training Center and field work session that located in four villages in Kiarasari Village, Sukajaya Sub-district, Bogor Regency (Kabupaten). Those four villages are Gunung Leutik, Cibuluh 1, Cibuluh 2, and Pasir Bendera villages.

The participants of this training program are originally from variety of substances, namely: KPH, Provincial Forestry Office, District Forestry Office,  academicians, and socialites from South Sumatra Province with the total numbers of participants are 25 people.

Peserta Diklat Pemetaan Konflik WGT ke-12
Peserta Diklat Pemetaan Konflik WGT ke-12

Through the facilitation of this training program, WG-Tenure expected to increase competences and capabilities of human resources in resolving forestry tenurial conflict that occurred in Indonesia.