WG-Tenure Organized Mediation Training Program of Class I

WG-T | Bogor – The very first class of Mediation Training Program for Natural Resources Conflict Resolutions organized by Working Group on Forest Land Tenure (WG-Tenure) in cooperation with Impartial Mediator Network (IMN) and Forestry Training Center (Pusdiklat), and supported by The Asia Foundation (TAF) held from Monday, (3/11/2014) to Friday (7/11/2014) in Cico Resort, Bogor.

The participants are representations from governmental organizations and Non Government Organization (NGO), there are Forestry Departement of South Sumatra Province, PADI Foundation, Merah Putih Foundation, Forestry Training Bureau (BDK) of Samarinda, Dugout  (Sampan) AssociationS, Forestry Training Center, Forestry Training Bureau (BDK) of Kadipaten, Menapak, AMAN (Indigenous People Alliance of the Archipelago), Gemawan, Transportation and Forestry Departement of Pali Regency, Wahana Bumi Hijau, Walhi Sumsel.

Diklat Mediasi Konflik

The training program devided into 2 sessions –theoretical and simulation sessions. The analytical methods adopted from the curriculum and syllabus that issued by the Forestry Training Center based on  Forestry Training Center Decree No.SK.156/Dik-2/2014 about curriculum and syllabus of Mediation Training Program for Natural Resources Conflict Resolutions, namely: development of training conditions and spiritual intelligences, forestry policies related to natural resources conflict resolutions, introduction of conflict resolutions, negotiation techniques, mediation techniques, compile agreement documents, and mediator code of ethics.

WG-Tenure realizes that it requires a strong tenurial as one of the enabling conditions that have to be fulfilled, to create an everlasting forest management. Tenurial conflicts that occur in most of forest areas in Indonesia need an immediate and appropriate handling, thus it requires human resources that competent and capable in handling the conflicts. Through this training program, WG-Tenure expected to increase competences and capabilities of human resources for acceleration the handling process of tenurial conflicts that occurred in Indonesia.