Pusdiklat to Announce Officialy the Curriculum and Syllabus of Conflicts Mediation Education and Training

WG-T | Bogor – One of other requirements of sustainable forest is indicated by proper land tenure management, so every pary could determine planning and management in appropriate and justiciable ways.

But, in fact, land tenure conflicts particularly regarding to forestry tenure still occuring frequently. Most of the conflicts happened between community, that lives within and around forest area, and other management both government or private. To solve these conflicts, it needs strategic ways in appropriate and sytematic resolutions.

The very first way to solve the conflict is mapping it, so it would be known by conflict objects, involved stake holders, escallation and conflict models. Through these collected data and informations that has possessed from mapping it, then it would be determined approaching methods of conflict resolutions or mediation between involved parties.

Working Group on Forest Land Tenure (WG-Tenure) in cooperation with Forestry Education and Training Center (Pusdiklathut/ Pusat Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Kehutanan) realized its necessity, particularly in order of human resources that have competences and capability to solve conflicts. In line with it, WG-Tenure  and Pusdiklathut also in cooperation in advance regarding formulated of Curriculum and Syllabus of Conflicts Mapping then applied it continously in education and training process. Currently, WG-Tenure, Pusdiklathut and Impartial Mediator Networking (IMN) formulated Curriculum and Syllabus of Conflicts Mediation Education and Training.

Curriculum and Syllabus of Conflicts Mediation Education and Training also has been legalized through Decision Letter (SK) Head of Pusdiklat No: SK.15/Dik-2/2014 that was signed on 15 September 2014. Through this Curriculum and Syllabus, it wuld be instructions and guidelines to held Conflicts Mediation Education and Training that also increasing comptences and capability of every party regarding tenure conflict resolutions in Indonesia.


**SK Curriculum and Syllabus can be downloaded at here