The Tenth Conflict Mapping Program organized by WG-Tenure in Bogor

WG-T | Bogor – Conflict is something that will occur and always exist. In the event of urging inisiation and working for occurrence of conflicts, specifically over the forest area in Indonesia, Working Group on Forest Land Tenure (WG-Tenure) in cooperation with Forestry Training Center (Pusdiklat), Youth Foresters of Indonesia (RMI / Rimbawan Muda Indonesia), and supported by The Asia Foundation (TAF), re-organized Conflict Mapping Program, which held on 25-30 August 2014 in New Ayuda Hotel, Bogor.

Until now, WG-Tenure has organized ten times of this similar training program where the last of it has integrated with curriculum and syllabus (kursil) that standardized from the decree of Forestry Training Center No. 35/Dik-2/2014 on Conflict Mapping Program.

In the opening of the event, as a Coordinator of WG-Tenure Management Committee, Dr. Ir. Iman Santoso, M. Sc. said that as a working group that established 13 years ago (in the year of 2001) in Bogor, WG-Tenure has perfomed many things, including organized training program concerning land tenure conflicts in forestry sector, examining policies, and assessment or valuation/investigation over land tenure conflicts in several forest areas in Indonesia.

“Back in 2001, some of us considered the conflicts (tenure conflicts-red) as serious matters, some of us considered this such basic matters, and some considered this as developing conflicts, we –LSM, Minister of Forestry, Minister of Internal Affairs, Indonesian Legislative Assembly (DPR), and academicians – jointly united in Bogor, declaring the establishment of Working Group Tenure”, explained Dr. Ir. Iman Santoso, M. Sc. in his welcome speech.

On the other hand, Dr. Ir. Agus Justianto, M. Sc. (the Head of Forestry Training Center), who attended and chosen for the opening of the training program, conveyed about how important the Conflict Mapping  Program was. In his opinion, conflicts were occurred because of the distinct views on the conflict itself. And on the context of natural resources management in Indonesia, specially in forest area, conflict is something that currently increasing its intensity and quality. Therefore, conflict mapping training program is indeed necessary, so the party can get additional knowledge and methodology on how to mapping and managing the conflicts.

Kegiatan Diklat Pemetaan Konflik Ke-10 WG-Tenure

The training was consisted of 20 participants from various institutions, there were Forestry Training Bureau (BDK), Provincial and District Forestry Office, staff of KPH, and NGO/LSM. It devided into two sessions, theory class and field work session that located in 2 Villages –Malasari Village (Cisangku Village) and Curug Bitung (Gunung Eusing and Taluk Waru Villages), in Nanggung Sub-district.

Like the previous one, the participants were trained for some analytical methods concerning conflict mapping, such as Social and Gender Analysis, Rapid Tenure Land Assesment (RaTA), Analysis based on Conflict Types (AGATA), and skills for using Huma-win software of data conflict documentation. Beside all these, there were also supporting methods like Forestry Policies that related to Tenurial and Natural Resources Conflict Management.

Through this certain program, Working Group of Forest Land Tenure expectively increasing the total capacity of human resources as a part of supporting efforts on tenurial conflict resolutions that exist in Indonesia.