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Conflicts, Land Tenure and REDD

Dear esteemed readers,

After vacuuming for around a year, WG-Tenure returns to present the Tenth Edition of Warta Tenure with the topic of “Conflicts, Land Tenure and REDD”. The editorial staff admitted that to be consistently keep the publication of Warta Tenure periodically is a huge challenge –concerning our limitation. But we do  not want to succumb the limitation. And we praised the God for the publication of the tenth edition of Warta Tenure and for it to be reached on the reader’s hand.

In this edition, Warta Tenure appointed Conflict Issues, Land Tenure and REDD, because it was based on the current situation where ternurial conflict, especially in the forest area has become more tangible and caused many excesses. The reports that dilated has made all the parties realize to make more serious efforts on resolving the conflicts. But the reality is the efforts that have done, specifically by the administrator of the policies, either legislative or executive still not maximized.

Conflict resolutions will be firmly related to the discourse implementation of REDD projects in Indonesia, because with the conflicts resolved, the intelligibillity of the subject and object of the land/soil, especially the forest is a significant modal in the implementation of REDD projects.  Now, the indeterminancy of tenurial rights of the community over the forest is potentially cause the community to be only a spectator in the implementation of REDD projects. This is because the conflicts that confronted by the community still have not finished. Therefore, in this edition, Warta Tenure will be analyzing tenurial issues , especially that the one occured in forest area and will be pouring into a tenurial forestry map. From the side of the conflict and its relation with REDD projetcs, will be analyzed in a study about “Forestry Conflicts in Asia and the Implication to REDD+” and “Forestry Conflicts in Indonesia: Is REDD an opportunity or a menace?”

Meanwhile, to understand about many opinion concerning forestry conflicts, several socialites have been interviewed, they are from legislative (DPD RI), executive (Ministy of Forestry) and Civil Society (NGO). Certainly, they are only representatives from some varieties of opinion about forestry conflicts in Indonesia. To complete a dynamic of conflicts handling, a column for information about policies will be review the detail.

One of Warta Tenure column’s forces is the results of a study from tenurial assesments and resolutions of the cases which facilitating by WG-Tenure and its companions, they were Senyerang Conflict: between the community of Senyerang District and PT. Wira Karya Sakti (WKS) in West Tanjung Jabung Sub-district, Jambi. In the closure of Warta Tenure, there will be a book review about mediation that will be relevant with the topic about conflict resolutions.

We are hoping that the readers can enjoy the Warta Tenure. We are also hoping for comments and advice to help improving Warta Tenure. Comments and advice can be sent to: warta.tenure@wg-tenure.org.

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